Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teaching Medical Students

Last Friday I started teaching third year medical students. This is the first time I have taught medical students (in isolation, there are always medical students at my lectures for the residents) since 2003, when I ran a teaching section for renal physiology for first year medical students at Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago with John Asplin.

I am now teaching the medical students two lectures every rotation, the first on sodium and the second on potassium and calcium. I hope to expand this to ABGs and another electrolyte lecture so I can isolate potassium and spend an entire hour on it.

I modified my Don't Panic handout for the students. During the lecture I realized that the SIADH section was weak and too complex for the students. I will probably change it to focus on the fact that ADH reduces water excretion and that this can be adaptive (early CHF, volume depletion, hyperosmolar) or maladaptive (SIADH). I will change the section on the dilution of urine to a background box as I think it is important but only interesting to nephrologists and similar wierdos.

I will add a focus on a few clinical scenarios with increased ADH.

I still need to expand the hypernatremia section.

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