Sunday, December 21, 2008

Great cases on call

I'm running the on-call gauntlet.

I was on call Sat and Sun December 6,7
Sat December 13
Sat and Sun December 20,21
Thursday through Sunday December 25-28
four straight week-ends, with Christmas thrown in for the Jew. Ughh.

That said this week-end has had a few great cases:
  • IgM Cold-agglutinin hemolytic anemia in need of plasmapheresis.
  • Fluconazole induced hyperkalemia
  • Urinary obstruction induced electrogenic type 1 RTA (Hyperkalemic variety of type 1 RTA)
  • Primary hyperaldosteronism induced hypertensive emergency
I'll elaborate on some (all) of these cases in the next few days.

Happy holidays
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