Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fellow-level lecture on urea kinetics

I reworked an old lecture from '05 on urea kinetics. The old lecture had a hideous purple background, so changing that to black would have been enough but I added a number of cool touches to fully update it. It worked pretty well, though the end's pacing is off.

PowerPoint | PDF
I especially like the sequence walking through using the iPhone to calculate the simplified single pool Kt/V. Its amazing how many people don't realize that turning the calculator sideways brings up scientific functions. I love watching their faces light up when I say, "Now turn it sideways."

The lecture uses the three randomized controlled trials on dialysis to introduce and explain the three varieties of Kt/V:
  1. NCDS: to discuss single pool Kt/V
  2. HEMO: to discuss equilibrated Kt/V
  3. Frequent Hemodialysis Network in center study: to discuss standard Kt/V
I have another hour long time slot in December to talk about dialysis prescription. I'm going to discuss the recent data on dialysis interval and mortality

What else should I talk about?

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