Friday, April 19, 2013

There once a dialysis patient from Nantucket...

My son is doing a big project on the kidney. As part of that project he has to write a limerick about the kidney. The family was stumped so of course we decided to crowd source the problem:

The answer was analysis and paralysis (hat tip to @emmadalton and Leon)

But the real fun began as people sharpened there pen knives and carved new limerick's on to the bathroom walls of twitter.

Daughter noted spelling error (now instead of know)

Daughter wrote that one.

My son is pretty independent and ignored all of the bad poetry advice on Twitter and went with this original creation:
There once was a kidney named Bud
He liked to filter the blood
He got a disease
There's pus when he pees
And now Bud is simply a dud
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