Friday, May 24, 2013

Please tell me is this a comprehensive list of kidney blogs

I'm trying to generate a master list of renal blogs. I a m looking for blogs that would be of interest to nephrologists, doctors and medical students. I am not looking for patient blogs unless they have significant scientific information. See HemoDoc and Sharp End of the Needle as examples. I am also interested in blogs that are no longer being maintained or may have disappeared from the internet (see Utah Renal Fellows). I am limiting my analysis to English Language, sorry NephroHug.

Here is my list so far:
  1. uremic frost
  2. PBFluids
  3. Renal Fellow Network
  4. Utah Renal Fellows
  5. Nephron Powers
  6. The Kidney Doctor
  7. Sharp end of the needle
  8. eAJKD
  9. uKidney
  10. HemoDoc
  11. Global Kidney Academy
  12. Kidney Notes
  13. ACO Blog
  14. Mahesh’s Top Reads
  15. allen’s Blog
  16. Demystifying Kidney Disease...
  17. WhizzBang
  18. Pediatric Nephrology Blog
  19. Nephrology on Demand
Besides eAJKD any other journals with blogs? ASN deadline is bearing down so a quick response in the comments, by e-mail ( or twitter would be appreciated.

Update found another one:
20. Kidney Talk by Shalini Mundra published from Feb 2010 to March 2010.

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