Monday, September 30, 2013

Come support the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan and hear ePatient Dave

Every year the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan's Scientific Advisory Counsel puts together the Ronald Easterling Memorial Lecture. Ronald Easterling was a Michigan nephrologist who was instrumental in the establishment of dialysis. He worked for years at the University of Michigan and kept meticulous records of dialysis patients which became the prototype of the USRDS. His namesake's lecture is a fund raiser for the NKF of Michigan.

This year I had a role in lining up the speaker and we hooked Dave deBronkart, i.e. ePatient Dave. Dave just recently spoke at MedX and you can get a feel for his view on medicine from his TEDx talk (yeah, we got a TED-level speaker for the Easterling!)

It should be hugely entertaining. If you are interested in the intersection of social media, patients and medicine I would highly recommend you come to the Easterling at Townsend in Birmingham, Michigan.
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